Premium: Strawberry, Blueberry & Grape Flavour

Essential Benefits:

  • Real Mixed Juices – Real taste and scent of the natural fruits including grape, strawberry and blueberry
  • Natural fiber to prevent hairball formation – Natural sources of fiber from Alfalfa to maintain the intestinal system and prevent hairball formation
  • Natural Vitamins and Enriched Minerals – Concentrated natural vitamins from fruits and enriched with minerals
  • Balanced Calcium and phosphorus – Balanced calcium and phosphorus to reduce the possibility of bladder stone formation


Pack Size and Recommended Selling Price:
2.4kg – RM34.10(WM) , RM39.20 (EM)


Nutritional composition

Crude Protein – min 18%
Crude Fat – min 2.5%
Crude Fibre – max 16%
Moisture – max 10%


Wheat Bran, Soybean Meal, Corn, Soybean Hull, Rice, Full Fat Soybean, Alfalfa, Leucaena Meal, Strawberry Extract, Blueberry Extract, Vitamins and Minerals, Grape Flavor, Artificial Colorings, Iodized Salt, Yucca Extract, Antioxidants, Artificial Colorings.