Bird Choize

Essential Benefits

  • Improve Growth Performance A balanced source of essential amino acids and other nutrients normally found in insects for growth performance enhancing
  • Healthy Feature & Shiny Coat Balanced level of Omega 3 & 6 aid overall feature improvement and producing shiny coat
  • Lower Stress Vitamin C Helps strengthen Immune system and also reduce stress
  • Promote Voice Quality Natural herbs for respiratory tract and voice health


Nutritional Composition

Crude Protein – min 20%
Crude Fat – min 6%
Crude Fibre – max 6%
Moisture – max 12%


Pack Size and Recommended Selling Price:
400 gm – RM4.95 (WM) / RM5.70 (EM)


For all birds such as Straw -Headed Bulbul, Magpie Robin, Red-Backed Thrush, Greater Green Leafbird, White-Rumped Shama, Red-Whiskered Bulbul and other related species.