As our Si Comel age, they deserve a little extra love to keep them comfortable and happy in their golden years. Taking care of an elderly Si Comel isn’t just about meeting their physical needs – it’s also about sharing joy and making the journey delightful together. Here’s a simple guide to help you cater to your senior Si Comel with love.

Dental Care: Sparkling Smiles All Around

Dental problems are as common in cats as they are in humans. Keep those pearly white teeth by brushing them regularly. Yes, you read that right – tooth brushing for Si Comel! In addition to that, just like us humans, they need regular check-ups and cleanings with the vet too.

Mobility and Comfort: Luxury Living for Your Senior Si Comel

Imagine your elderly Si Comel as royalty. What does royalty need? Luxury, of course! Soft beddings, plush pillows, and cozy blankets. To aid their mobility, ensure they have easy access to litter boxes and maybe adding ramps or steps to help them reach their favourite high spots without having to perform acrobatic stunts.

Nutrition and Diet: Dining Like a Gourmet

Feeding your elderly Si Comel should be a gourmet experience. Serve them SmartHeart Senior Dry Cat Food specialized for cats above 7 years old to supply them with Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements which helps to maintain a good joint health and reduce risk of pain and tenderness in the senior stage. Additionally, use elevated food and water bowls to reduce their neck straining.

Bonus: Embrace the Humor in Aging

Taking care of an elderly Si Comel isn’t just about meeting their needs – it’s also about enjoying the quirks that come with age. If your Si Comel forgets they’ve already eaten and asks for food again, just chuckle and call them “Grandpa Si Comel.” If they meow loudly for no apparent reason, join in and have a little chat. Remember, your elderly Si Comel still has a playful spirit; they just need a bit more support to enjoy life to the fullest.