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Chicken with Rice and Carrot

Essential Benefits:

  • Protein – To maintain good muscle mass
  • Fat – To maintain healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Minerals – Strengthen bones and teeth
  • Taurine Plus – Nourishing eye vision
  • Vitamins – Enhance body function and immune system


Pack Size and Recommended Selling Price:
85gm – RM1.80 (WM) / RM1.99 (EM)


SKU Description

Nutritional composition

Crude Protein – min 6.5%
Crude Fat – min 5%
Crude Fibre – max 1%
Moisture – max 85%

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Chicken Meat and Chicken by-product*, Rice, Carrot, Chicken Oil, Gelling Agent, Vitamins and Minerals, Flavor Enhancer, Food Coloring, Water.