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Singing Bird : Competition Formula

Essential Benefits:

  • Kluai Hin – the preferred banana for singing birds, is highly digestible and rich source of energy
  • Real Honey – Source of easily absorbed energy (glucose and fructose), vitamins and minerals helpful during competition
  • Orange – Rich in vitamin C for strong immune system and stress relief.
  • Ginger – Soothes voice organs and promotes respiratory and digestive system health
  • Vitamin B1 & B2 – Nourishment for the nervous system
  • Vitamin D – Helps in the development of strong bones


Pack Size and Recommended Selling Price:
100gm – RM2.65 (WM)


Nutritional composition

Crude Protein – min 17%
Crude Fat – min 12%
Crude Fibre – max 6%
Moisture – max 10%


Full Fat Soybean, Ground Corn, Soybean Meal, Rice, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Dried Whole Egg, Real Honey, Banana (Kluai Hin), Orange Juice, Ginger, Vitamin & Minerals, Antioxidants.